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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: - How long does a luxury bbq grill cleaning take?

We do all of our cleanings in your backyard. It really depends on how dirty your grill is but it usually takes 3-4 hours to completely clean your grill.

Q: - Do you do the cleaning at my house or take my grill away to your shop to clean it?

We are a mobile bbq grill cleaner. So we come to your house and clean on site. We clean up after ourselves and never leave behind any garbage.

Q: - How much does it cost to clean my BBQ Grill?

Every grill cleaning costs is different. We have very reasonably priced for the area. Some of the higher end built in grills require a more in depth cleaning and can be between $300-$500.

Q: - Can we clean our own grill?

Yes, some people do prefer to clean their own grill. However, we have cleaned several hundred grills and have this process down to an exact science. We have the proper equipment, solution material and expertise to do the best grill cleaning job in South Florida.

Q: - How often should we get our bbq cleaned?

That often depends on how many times you use it per year. Our recommendation is at least once per year and if you use your barbecue year round, then you would want it cleaned every 4-6 months. We always recommend getting it cleaned before that big backyard party or any one of the special BBQ cooking holidays – Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day.

Q: - What are the benefits of getting a grill cleaned?

A professional grill cleaning safely and effectively removes traces of grease, fat and burnt on carbon deposits sterilizing all cooking surfaces thus eliminating carcinogens and bacteria. By maintaining and cleaning your grill you won’t need to have it repaired as often or replaced.

Q: - How is South Florida Grill Cleaning different from other companies?

The right equipment – We use a unique cleaning system and invested in the top of the line cleaning equipment. While some cleaners around the country clean the grill by manually scrubbing or using a pressure washer, we know these are not the best methods to truly get your grill clean. We use a unique environmentally-friendly degreaser that safely and effectively removes years of baked on grease and carbon deposits transforming your BBQ grill back to its original state.

Q: - Do you do grill repairs?

Unfortunately we do not repair grills at this time but we can refer you to a professional grill repair service in the area.

Q: - What type of cleaning process do you use?

We use our own unique and advanced system of degreaser, soaking and steam that safely and effectively removes all traces or grease, fat and carbon deposits by using proper cleaners and cleaning techniques. No other BBQ cleaner can guarantee a cleaner BBQ than we can!

Q: - Do you guarantee to remove all the dirt and build-up even on the inside of the grill?

We can guarantee your grill will be cleaner than when we arrived. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee how clean your grill will be when we get done. There are so many variables that can affect how clean your grill can get like the age of your grill, how dirty it is, the grade of stainless steel, what type of grilling you do. While we can generally get up to 95% of the grease and build-up off what we can’t remove is the rust, deep metal burns and age. We simply cannot remove the rust from the metal. If you have a Weber grill the cast aluminum fire box is extremely difficult to clean and will remain black and stained forever.

Q: - What type of grill cleaners do you use?

Safety is our top priority for both you and our team.  We use the safest products available that will effectively clean your grill, making it healthy for you to grill delicious food.

Q: - What if I have rust on my stainless steel lid or inside the fire box?

Rust on stainless steel? I thought stainless steel didn’t rust? Stainless Steel does rust depending on the manufacture and grade of metal being used. The lesser the grade of stainless steel will be more prone to rusting in Florida. If your lid or fire box has significant rust damage it may require replacement. We won’t see the rust damage until we scrape away the ash and debris. If it is too severe to clean we will let you inspect it before continuing on.

Q: - My grill is very old and has never been cleaned, should I throw it away?

Thats certainly your choice, but I would suggest having it cleaned first and you might find its not as bad as you thought. Everyone thinks their grill is the worst we’ve ever seen and in some cases they are right, but in all cases they have been surprised with the results of the cleaning. I have never had a customer tell me they wish they had thrown it out instead of having me clean it. A cleaning certainly costs less than buying a new grill and new grills never fit in the same hole as the last one making you hire a contractor to retro-fit your counters.

Q: - Do you carry spare parts?

We do not carry spare parts, as there are many different types of grills, models and brands. Best bet is to buy from the manufacturer.

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