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Grill Cleaning Service Near Me

South Florida Grill Cleaning is your go-to professional bbq grill cleaning service in South Florida. We have been professionally cleaning grills for over 10 years now and specialize in high-end grills in prestigious communities. We service all of South Florida including Martin, & Palm Beach. When we clean we like to say that we give you the white glove treatment. Your bbq grill will look like its brand new after we are finished with it. None of our competitors offer the  bbq cleaning service that we do.

Cleaning the grill grates is only a small part of a really clean grill. Food and Debris build up under the grates and become toxic. When you bbq on a dirty grill you are essentially putting your health in danger. Fresh meat and vegetables are essentially being cooked with mold, grease, rat droppings and other toxic buildups that get on your food and also ruin the flavor of your food.


Professional Bbq Grill Cleaning Service Near Me –

We will show up at the time specified and provide you with the following services. First, we make sure the bbq grill lights up and works. Tarps are placed on the ground and on all work surfaces to protect the cleaning area. Then we remove all the parts on the inside. (grill grates, searing racks, warming trays and burners down to the shell of the grill). We then remove all the grease and debris clearing out of all burner holes for good solid gas flow from the individual parts and buff. Once that is finished we clean the inside of the grill removing all the grease, grime, and carbon buildup accumulated over time. Once the inside is thoroughly cleaned we then buff off any surface rust and polish the outside of the grill along with the hood and any other stainless steel appliances. A deep bbq grill clean usually takes about 2-3 hours.

Please call Now for a Quote : (561)-377-0350 |  |(954)-256-7757

After we clean your grill we will leave an invoice at your home as well as email you one where you can pay, or you can either mail in a check, Pay Cash or use Visa/MasterCard over the phone/email.

*South Florida Grill Cleaners will deep clean and detail – leaving your grill clean and ready for use. Thank You for trusting us with your bbq grill cleaning needs.

Before and After

grill before after grill
grill grill

We work with so many different clients looking for professional barbecue cleaning service:

Busy Homeowners
Vacation Rental Agencies
General Contractors
Luxury Apartment Complexes
Sports Professionals
Property Managers



Health Impacts

The number one for most people is your health and the health of your loved ones. Dirty bbq grills can have Harmful bacteria and residue that build up over time as well as rodent and insect waste that found its way onto your grill. Simply scraping off the food residue and grease after grilling isn't an effective method. When you use the dirty grill at a later date the harmful carcinogens are still there and can be transferred to your food and then into your body. Our grill cleaning service is the most effective way to remove all those harmful carcinogens and make sure your food is safe, and everyone stays healthy.



When it’s all said and done, your barbecue is only really about one thing: the food you cook. Keeping your grill clean and maintained is the best way to ensure the food you cook is delicious. Oil and other build-ups can have a real obvious impact on the taste of the food you cook on your grill. There’s no need to let this unclean build up impact what you cook. South Florida Grill Cleaning is the professional grill cleaning service in Miami that can help you really impress your family and friends with clean and delicious food and ensure that everyone has a good time when they come into your home.


Potential Danger

Putting off or not properly cleaning your bbq grill can result in potential dangers as well as sickness. This is because a dirty grill can be a fire hazard and also leave hazardous material behind. By Removing all the Grease and carbon residue you will greatly reduce the risk of a grease fire and any potential illness.


Protect Your Investment

Whatever you purchase, you want it to last. If you don’t have your grill cleaned regularly, it won’t last. A range of damaging things, like rust and oil, can quickly build up if it’s not regularly cleaned, and quickly see you needing to purchase a new grill. This is a waste of money, along with being inconvenient. On top of this, professional grill cleaning can prevent your grill from experiencing corrosion and continue to look amazing. We provide the grill cleaning service that can help extend the life of your grill and get real value out of it.


Setting the standard of quality

No one wants to be embarrassed for having a dirty grill when you are having friends and family over for a bbq or enjoying a sporting event. We will restore your grill to its original shine with our special polish and you will be the life of the party.

We’ve Built Relationships in the Bbq Grill Industry:

We clean and restore grills from all of the leading manufacturers including DCS, Alfresco, Fire Magic, Lynx, Solaire, Weber, Dynasty, and more. We’ve also developed a relationship with local as well as national companies for ordering the correct replacement parts. We are committed to keeping your grill cleaner than ever and performing its best. Count on South Florida Grill Cleaning for all your barbeque grill cleaning needs.

Bbq Grill Cleaning Near Me -Before And After Gallery

We are a family-owned business that prides itself on the”Wow” factor! Yes, the look on our clients’ faces after their grill is transformed tells the real story of our success. Take a look at our before and after bbq grill cleaning near you.


Our Palm Beach Grill Cleaning Service Include:


* Complete grill cleaning & restoration which includes buffing of all grill parts.
* Complete grill and grill kitchen polishing when completed.
* Stainless steel appliances in the direct vicinity of bbq grill are cleaned and polished.
* We also provide deep cleaning for all exhaust vents and hood. (extra charge).

*To maintain a healthy grill for cooking, your bbq grill requires a good, deep cleaning of all components at we recommend have your grill cleaned by professionals at least twice a year or more if grilling is a weekly lifestyle. We offer annual grill cleaning plans, please inquire to get more information about this service.


Amazing Job!!
My DCS 2 burner grill was a mess. It was completely covered in grease and almost completely black. I thought I would have to get new parts or even replace the grill. However, after Jeff showed up and reassured me he could clean it. I was skeptical. Jeff did an amazing job professionally cleaning my grill. It almost looked like the day I bought it.
Adam M. Ft. Lauderdale

Chris ROCKS!
Chris simply rocks! I set an appointment with the South Florida Grill Cleaning a couple of weeks ago. We stayed in constant communication. Chris showed up exactly at the agreed-upon time. He was very friendly and professional. He took care as to not make a mess as my grill was very dirty and full of grease. He did an excellent job. I would recommend to anyone that needs a bbq grill cleaning.
Kevin H. Palm Beach

Love my grill now! It looks brand new after 9 years and the flame & infrared element work better than when I first bought it. Thanks, Jeff.
Jim E – Boca Raton

Please call Now for a Quote : (561)-377-0350 |  |(954)-256-7757


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